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Cheerleading - Cheer

Cheerleading (Cheer) is one of the fastest growing sports in Australia, and its not hard to understand why!

This exciting sport combines the skills of gymnastics, dance and drama. With group and individual tumbling, dance, cheering and amazing and original stunts, Cheerleading is the perfect sport for any child!

On top of being a fantastic spectator sport, Cheer also:

  •     Encourages team interaction;
  •     Improves motivaion and promotes self esteem;
  •     Generates creativity and orginality;
  •     Appeals to both girls and boys;
  •     Most importantly it promotes fun, friendship and pride in physical activity.

Being a part of SM Cheer & Dance means being a part of the best sport has to offer. SM Cheer & Dance programs are dedicated to giving each cheerleader and dancer a quality experience and we work hard to make everyone feel welcome and a part of the SM Cheer & Dance family.

SM Cheer & Dance coaching staff mission is to offer the best technical training,  the most innovative choreography and to endeavour to teach our athletes to always strive to be the best they can. Here at SM Cheer & Dance we have a class that for everyone. NO one is turned away. We run cheerleading and dance classes for ages 4yrs to adult and basic to elite level.

SM Cheer & Dance teaches our members to be excellent cheerleaders & dancers, but most importantly we teach them to be exceptional people, they learn to encourage one anther while building their own self confidence.

SM Cheer & Dance want only the best for our cheerleaders – top coaches, top facility and a top quality program. Our mission will continue to separate us and help us to produce not only winning cheerleaders but winners in life!

SM Cheer & Dance gives our athletes the opportunity to participate in competition, concert performances and community displays.

SM Cheer & Dance has set the standard for excellence in our sport and has “raised the bar” in competitive Cheerleading in Perth WA.

SM Cheer and Dance continually strive to offer a quality program at an affordable cost