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GG - General Gymnastics
MG - Mens Gymnastics
TP - Trampoline
WG - Womerns Gymnsatics
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Coaching and Judging

Star-Mites Gym Sports Policy on Coaching and Judging

What is Pre-School, Fun Gym and General Gym?

A progressive program based on fundamental gym skills.
It's a co-educational and non-competitive program aimed at improving and extending confident body management and good physical development.
A safe and suitable program for girls and boys 1 year to 6 years.

Pre-School, Fun Gym and General Gym Encourage Skills that:

  • Enhance spatial awareness;
  • Explore balance;
  • Develop trust;
  • Increase eye hand co-ordination;
  • Improve rhythm and timing;
  • Improve spatial awareness;
  • Co-operation and fun.

Club Level's Mission Statement

The mission of Club level's is to offer all gymnasts regardless of age or ability the opportunity to experience the diverse benefits of Gymnastics.


The goals of Club level's is to develop and nurture the gymnasts in a safe environment by striving for:

  • Fun;
  • Friendship;
  • Fundamentals;
  • Fitness;
  • Performance.

Club Level Competitive Divisions

Level 4,5,6,7 and Open Competition format.
Competition 1.
Competition 2.
State Championships Awards.
Individual apparatus awards.
Divisions are age-grouped.

National Levels Programs

We provide training and support to enable athletes to develop and compete successfully in the state, national, and international arena.

About Our Coaches

All coaches are Accredited with Gymnastics WA, and the Australian Gymnastic Federation
Our coaches must attend updating courses throughout each year.
We are committed to an on-going coaches education Program.
Star-Mites staff are firm believers in a positive approach to their coaching.

Coaches Code of Ethics

  1. Abide by the rules of the Federation as set forth in its constitution and by-laws;
  2. Direct my observation and recommendations regarding all aspects of gymnastics to the appropriate persons for the betterment of the sports;
  3. Represent myself and my coaching status in an honest and professional manner, without bringing the coaching profession or the Federation into disrepute;
  4. Exercise a standard of care consistent with my competence and obligation as a coach;
  5. Provide a quality service to my athletes and to the sport;
  6. Promote and assist in the development of the coaching profession;
  7. Put the athletes' welfare first; making decisions based on the best interests of my athletes' sporting, education and vocational careers;
  8. Show leadership and support efforts to remove the abuse of drugs in sport.

Teaching Principles

  • Unconditional respect;
  • Keep the children safe;
  • Be enthusiastic;
  • Daily success;
  • Daily challenge;
  • Creativity, variety, fun;
  • Catch the children doing things right.

Unconditional Respect

  1. Respect must be unconditional or trust and security is lost;
  2. ALWAYS maintain respect regardless of the other party's behaviour;
  3. NEVER Embarrass, Compare;
  4. Don't tease, teasing hurts a child's feelings.

Keep Children Safe

  1. LACK OF VIGILANCE is the #1 cause of accidents;
  3. Keep your students in your LINE OF SIGHT.

Be Enthusiastic

  1. Enthusiasm is CONTAGIOUS. So is the LACK OF IT;
  2. If the children lack enthusiasm. LOOK IN THE MIRROR;

Daily Success

  1. Beware: the feeling of success is individual. The child's definition may differ from yours;
  2. Success can come by improving the PROCESS of learning as well as the results;
  3. Success can come in many forms: skill mastery; skill refinement; work ethic social/behavioural.

Daily Challenge

  1. It is YOUR JOB to structure class so that every child feels challenged;
  2. Offer the right challenge: just out of reach yet insight;
  3. Different children/different challenge.

Creativity, Variety and Fun

  1. FACT: variety is the spice of life;
  2. FACT: boredom stifles learning.

Catch Kids Doing things Right

  1. What gets praised gets repeated;
  2. A teacher's attention is a form of a reward to a child craving attention;
  3. Praise what you want repeated;
  4. Coach who focus on things going wrong, are less effective than coaches who catch children doing things right.


Judging Gymnasts

Our gym club spends a great deal of time finding, hiring, educating and developing our club coaches. Whilst this is an absolute necessity if the club is to function effectively, so too is the recruitment, education and development of club judges.
Judges play an intrinsic role in our club program.
Any club involved in a competition held under the authority of Gymnastics WA is required to provide a number of judges for each discipline.

MAG - Men's Artistic Gymnastics
WAG - Women's Artistic Gymnastics

Why Become A Judge?

Many different people are drawn to judging and bring with them many different ideas and personalities.
Judges usually enter the sport of gymnastics for a number of reasons.

The list below includes some of these:

  • Contribute to the growth of the sport;
  • Give something back to the sport;
  • To see gymnasts improve;
  • To meet new people and make new friends.

Why Does A Club Need A Judge?

Judges assist with the development of the club program in a number of areas:

  • Level tests within the club;
  • Review routines;
  • Input to the construction of routines;
  • Educate and recruit new judges;
  • Assist in conducting workshops for club coaches;
  • Keep coaches 'up to date' with the latest changes to rules and regulations pertaining to competition.

Judges Greatest Qualities

Perhaps one of the greatest qualities or skills that is required by a judge is the need to be positive and encouraging in their judging.
Judges who reward with positive reinforcement and encouragement are not only respected by athletes but are also contributing to the gymnasts well being.

Willing To Learn and Develop The Following Skills

  • Communication;
  • Listening;
  • Analysis;
  • Observation;
  • Understanding;
  • Planning.

Star-Mites Judging Coordinators

AEROBICS - Gail Melinger

WAG - Sharron Isard

MAG - Ann Ranieri


Star-Mites Gym Sports contributes to the ongoing cost of educating and registering our judges (Provided yearly judging requirements are met)


  • Judge at no less than 2 events per year;
  • Keep up to date accreditation with Gymnastics W.A.;
  • Remain a recognized member of Star-Mites Gym Sports.

Judging Accreditation Scheme:

Just as coaches have a formal accreditation scheme, which enables them to achieve recognized standards of coaching, so do judges in each of the disciplines.

All judges must attend courses in the following order:

Level-0 2-hours

Level-1 2-Days

Level-2 2-Days

eMail Star-Mites Gymnastics to find out about the next judging courses and times