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GG - General Gymnastics
MG - Mens Gymnastics
TP - Trampoline
WG - Womerns Gymnsatics
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Parent Information

  • Enrolment forms must be filled out at the commencement of 1st term, or upon joining the club for the first time. Please see customer service representative at front desk;
  • Fees must be paid at second class attended. Please see customer service representative at front desk at the commencement of each term;
  • No parents allowed into gym area unless invited by a coach. Please drop off and pick up on time;
  • If children unwell, please do not send to gym class;
  • Please make sure your child is happy to join our program, as we do not refund fees.
  • If possible we will provide a make-up class;
  • Please note: all sports have an inherent risk of injury, and gymnastics is no exception. The learning of and participation in the sport of gymnastics, by its very nature, contains an element of risk. Whilst all due care and caution, is undertaken to ensure the safety and well being of gymnasts under the care of Star-Mites, no liability is accepted for injures sustained whilst under that care.

Car Park Rules

  • Keep a watch for children at all times;
  • 2 km speed limit in car park.

Rules of the Gym

  1. No one is permitted on equipment with out coach approval;
  2. No running in gym unless instructed by a coach;
  3. No one is permitted into gym area apart from gymnasts attending their lesson time;
  4. Gymnasts must not leave the building with out a supervising parent or care giver;
  5. Gymnasts must ask permission from coach if they wish to leave the class for any reason;
  6. Gymnasts are not permitted to wear jewellery during class;
  7. Inappropriate behaviour or language from gymnasts or parents at any time will result in the dismissal of the gymnast from class;
  8. Misuse of equipment will not be accepted.

Club Level's Recreational Gymnastics

The Club Level's program is a program administered and overseen by Gymnastics W.A.

The program gradually increases the degree of commitment for each gymnast.

Emphasis in the lower levels is on fun and skill development.

We believe that learning in a fun atmosphere is important for the young gymnast to develop a love for the sport. As a gymnast progresses, technique is continually emphasized and more importance on training skills is added.

Badge Testing In House

Badge testing is the system we use to evaluate the progress made by our gymnasts.

Badge testing is NOT a competition.

Badge testing is done in front of one judge, the skill performed will be given a pass or needs more work evaluation, gymnasts may be asked to repeat the skill by the judge.

Gymnasts will usually begin in level 1 or 2.

Once they have achieved their badge they can then begin working on routines to compete at that level.

ie. A gymnasts achieves his/her level 1, 2 badge he/she is now eligible to compete in a competition at that level.


Competitions are not badge testing but an event where the gymnast competes against other gymnasts in his/her level, performing routines on all apparatus in front of a panel of judges. The gymnast will receive a score out of 15.00 depending on how well they perform their routines and may win ribbons and medals.

N.B. After achieving a badge not all gymnasts will have enough confidence to compete so will not always be entered by their coach.

We hope this answers some of your questions. Please see your coach if you have further questions.Competition Policy


  1. Club leotard or Optional leotard;
  2. Hair neat and tied up;
  3. No Nail polish;
  4. No jewellery.

Fees for scheduled competition

All entry fees Must be paid in advance in order for the gymnast to compete.

Any gymnast not having paid will not be entered into that competition.

Request for refund for entry fees can only be given if accompanied by a doctors certificate.

The coach has the final say as to whom competes based on their opinion of the degree of preparedness for the competition.