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GG - General Gymnastics
MG - Mens Gymnastics
TP - Trampoline
WG - Womerns Gymnsatics
Gymnastics Australia  Gymnastics Australia Club 10   Gymnastics Western Australia



  • Gail Melinger
    Name: Gail Melinger

    Position: Owner CEO

    Accreditation: WAG Level 2

    Experience: 21 Years coaching - 15 Years level 2 Judge

    Achievements: Retired board member of Gymnastics WA after 10 years service. In the past 20 years established one of the largest fully equipped gymnastics clubs in this state - Star-Mites Gym Sports Pty Ltd receiving a Star 4 national rating.

  • Suzanne Milne
    Name: Suzanne Milne

    Position: Owner Coach in Charge

    Accreditation: WAG Level 2 - MAG Level 1

    Experience: 11 Years as gymnast - 16 Years coaching

    Achievements: Gymnastics WA State coach 3 years - Achieving outstanding success at state championships over several years. Producing state representatives.


Branch Manager

  • Ann Ranieri
    Name: Ann Ranieri

    Position: Leederville Branch Manager

  • Sharron Isard
    Name: Sharron Isard

    Position: Bayswater Branch Manager


Coaches in Charge

  • Lee-Myree DiConza
    Name: Lee-Myree DiConza

    Position: Bayswater Pre School Coordinator

  • Liz Gardiner
    Name: Liz Gardiner

    Position: Cheerleading Coordinator

  • Mark Kural
    Name: Mark Kural

    Position: MG Coordinator

  • Tarryn Isard
    Name: Tarryn Isard

    Position: WG & Cheerleading Coordinator





  • Liz Gardiner
    Name: Liz Gardiner

    Position: Office Manager