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Members Behaviour Management Policy

Star-Mites Gym Sports Members Behaviour Policy, and our expectations about the way in which we work with each other are based on five key principles.

These are:


We place a strong value on members cooperation, as we believe it is far more productive to work together.


Our staff, parents and members are all entitled to polite, courteous attention.


Our club principles stress Honesty-Trust-Quality-Respect for others and their property; these are the basis of good citizenship.

Behavioural Beliefs:

  • All people must accept personal responsibility for their own behaviour;
  • All behaviour has consequences;
  • Behaviour occurs as a result of personal choice and decision.

General Expectations:

  • Being punctual to gym class;
  • Being courteous to others and treating them with respect;
  • Listening carefully when coach is speaking;
  • Follow coaches instruction carefully.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is simple:

"Our Program exists to provide every child with a chance to succeed through development of long term life skills such as confidence, perseverance, a love of exercise and a sense of accomplishment in every endeavour".

Our Philosophy

It is also our mission to treat children with dignity and respect and make their concerns our concerns. It is our hope that years after a child has moved from their gymnastics experience, they will look back and see the life-long benefits their gymnastics training gave them.

Our Principles

Star-Mites Gym Sports Pty Ltd is dedicated to providing a safe, fun and positive learning environment, where children of all ages and abilities can participate. Programs are designed to promote self-esteem and create self-confidence.

Our Motto

"Honesty ~ Respect ~ Trust ~ Quality"

"Keep Smiling"